6-9th October
at the Cork
International Hotel
( 160 days to go!)


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18th January, Year of the Backwards-Facing Artichoke


The members of the Acting-Faculty are delighted to announce an addition to the list of visiting speakers at the upcoming Unseen University Open Weekend. He has had many academic titles, including assistant, business manager, and guardian of Sir Terry’s literary estate, though he generally answers to Rob Wilkins.

At the first Irish Discworld Convention, Rob strolled into the gala dinner in full black tie, statue in hand, after collecting Sir Terry’s BAFTA and hopping on a plane to Ireland. He has only gotten busier since then, working as Sir Terry’s business manager. Between his work as one third of production company Narrativia and his guardianship of the Pratchett legacy, he has somehow availed himself of the secrets of L-space to find time to attend the UU weekend. While Rob is currently involved in several projects to bring Discworld to the big and small screen, he must keep production secrets locked up tighter than the seals on the Dungeon Dimension though he may be persuaded into releasing a few titbits through careful application of those potions known as beer and whiskey. That said, all attendees are warned of his most powerful spell: “It’s really great but I can’t tell you about it!”

Rob Wilkins is not the only addition to the University. As the Open Weekend grows closer, the main faculty have all discovered terribly pressing duties that make it completely impossible for them to contribute to the organisational efforts. As a result, the planning has fallen to the Acting-Faculty and the truly magical team known as the Irish Discworld Convention Staff. The staff team will be using their specialised knowledge of dramatics, pointy things and gopher wrangling to make the Open Weekend run as smooth as Nanny’s famous scumble.

19th December, Year of the Sneezing Panda


Well, we’ve made history. All of you wonderful wacky wizardly folk have done something we did not expect and signed up for the Irish Discworld Convention in record time. Hexcellent work! 300 lucky people will be gathering together in Cork in October 2017 to celebrate all things Discworld, and have a great time meeting new friends, listening to talks, playing games... it's hard to believe that it’s so close and still so far.

But never fear, those of you reading with sinking hearts who realise they haven’t yet managed to purchase a membership: we do have a waiting list! There are still many moons to go until the convention itself — and unfortunately for some people, Real Life may yet get in the way of attending. So make an account, log in, sign up, and follow our news and updates and perhaps you can join us after all.

25th May, Year of the Sneezing Panda


Our glorious Alma Pater will be holding a ticketed Open Doors Weekend on 6th-9th October next year at its Roundworld branch (the Cork International Hotel), it has been announced. The Patrician's Palace recently issued a statement that the University has been ordered encouraged to accept differently-talented students (even those without magic), as previously reported. To launch the new initiative, we will be hosting an official Open Doors event to promote openness and fraternity amongst academics, magical practitioners and the rest of the population.

As the Archchancellor and the other senior faculty members were unavailable to comment, it fell to Acting-Archchancellor Shivers to make an official response. She enthusiastically welcomed the project, saying: “We at the U.U. have always encouraged a healthy educational atmosphere, not to mention the importance of meals, and with that in mind we welcome anyone — be they visiting academics, local people, or interested tourists — to come and join us for this historic event, where everyone can get a taste of what it’s like being part of the oldest and most prestigious University on the Disc,” she said, then muttering “whatever those upstarts at Braseneck might think.”

She went on to encourage all those interested to sign up to what will be known on Roundworld as the fifth Irish Discworld Convention, mentioning that “our website has been updated and should tell you all you need to know - but if you have further questions, drop us a clacks at For more updates, point your omniscopes at our Facebook group or our Twitter.”

To mark the announcement of the Open Doors Weekend, we at the Group of Unseen Alumni and New Occultists have enlisted the aid of a Mr Chalky, of The Scours, to produce a suitable garment to herald the occasion; don’t forget to order yours!