6-9th October
at the Cork
International Hotel
( 70 days to go!)

Pre-Order Merchandise

Here you'll find all the Hexcellent and Hexclusive IDWCon 2017 merchandise that's available to order in advance:

IDWCon 2017 T-shirt - The official IDWCon 2017 T-shirt.

IDWCon 2017 Ladies' Fit T-shirt - Our official T-shirt, but a bit more fitted.

IDWCon 2017 Polo Shirt - Something a little more formal.

IDWCon 2017 Ladies' Fit Polo Shirt - Formal, fitted, and functional.

Magic Mug - It's magic! And a mug!

Fluffy Teddy Bear - IDWCon: now with FTB-enabled!