6-9th October
at the Cork
International Hotel
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Convention Staff

Convention Staff

The Irish Discworld Convention couldn't possibly run if it weren't for the dedication of the fans themselves. The whole event is run by volunteers. We've previously introduced you to the core committee, but please find below some of the selfless, silly, serious and sensational Staffers who will also be helping make IDWCon a reality. If you see any of the Con Staff running around looking stressed, give them a smile, as they've dedicated time and effort to creating a wonderful weekend for all.

If you have a specific area of interest or expertise and are interested in volunteering your time before or during the con, please email us at (all volunteers must be full members).

Sebastian Barwinek - Music

Seb has performed at many IDWCon events, and last time was the ringleader in all the unofficial lobby singsongs, so we figured this time we may as well make it official.

Sebastian Barwinek

Chris Belcher - Invisible illnesses consultant

We have a Green Dots programme, but not everyone has a visible physical difficulty. To make sure we cover all bases we picked someone to think outside the box. Shiv gave him a choice, honest she did…

Chris Belcher

Méabh Browne - Dramatics

Author of the amazing Murder Mystery from IDWCon 2015, Méabh always throws herself fully into scripting, acting and organising any and all theatrics.

Méabh Browne

Kirstine Heald - Programme assistance

Rob cannot be in two, or three, or four, or five places at once. But Kirstine often can, through some sort of quantum. Honestly, we’re not sure where she gets the energy, as even the amount of tea consumed shouldn’t mean dancing and Werewolf and acting all fitted in, and yet, she does it!

Kirstine Heald

Johan Spruijt - Swordmaster

Our very popular swordfighting and dagger defence classes would not be possible without the skill and expertise of our very own Sam Vimes/John Keel impersonator.

Johan Spruijt

Tiko Ten Brink - Pointy things safety

While our swordmaster is always very safety-conscious, you cannot have too many pairs of watchful eyes on a class involving weaponry, and nothing escapes Tiko.

Tiko Ten Brink

Sarah J Waters - Volunteer wrangler

Gophers/Orangutans, Watch/Bledlows: anyone who’s helping us out at the con knows you need someone to tell you where to be and what to do when you get there, so Sarah (having basically done it last time unofficially) has been roped into doing it. After all, she’s the Orangutan Wrangler!

Sarah J Waters

Ken Cornhill - Tech advisor

And last but not least, Ken, our incomparable Gaffer, who was head of Tech at many IDWCons past. Sadly personal commitments have made it impossible for him to attend in person this time round, but he'll still be rendering his invaluable advice, experience, and mysterious Tech wisdom from afar.

Ken Cornhill
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