6-9th October
at the Cork
International Hotel
( 9 days to go!)

Programme Preview

Programme Preview

Here you can find out more about some of the main events taking place at IDWCon 2017. We've organised loads of other events too, including guest talks, panels, games, and workshops, and we'll be uploading a full event timetable and programme shortly before the convention. In the meantime, you can whet your convention appetite by feasting your eyes on this preview:

The Maskerade
Practically every Discworld convention has this as a staple event - a show where some of the attendees get up on stage for a couple of minutes to show off their amazing costumes, often performing some of their favourite dialogue or scenes from the books (or, usually, their own original Discworld-inspired routine). Some acts are all-singing, all-dancing extravaganzas, some are cleverly thought-out comedy sketches, and some are written over breakfast the day before and performed with cobbled-together costumes, but all levels of effort and experience are equally appreciated. While there is an element of competition (with prizes awarded for both veterans and first-timers, not to mention our coveted Best In Show trophy), the atmosphere is welcoming and supportive, so don't be afraid to get up and add your own special sparkle to the convention. If you'd like to take part in this year's Maskerade, please let us know in advance at, so we can fit you into the schedule.

The Charity Auction
As is laid down in Tradition, the Unseen University Open Weekend will be hosting a Grand Charity Auction, where all manner of marvellous and momentous merchandise will be auctioned off in order to support our noble and worthy causes. All of the auction lots are donated by the guests and attendees, so we'd like to invite you to consider if there's anything you'd like to donate, whether it's rare or unusual Discworld books, games, merchandise, or especially anything Discworldy that you have made, crafted or created. If you would like to donate an item, please let us know at

Unseen University Challenge
In deference to our U.U. theme, IDWCon 2017 will once again play host to a grand Unseen University Challenge tournament, where the educational establishments of the Disc (i.e. teams of attendees) will do battle on the field of Discworld trivia for a chance to earn the prestigious honour of being named UUC Champion. The number of team slots will be limited, so now’s the time to start forming teams and get some all-important revision in (as if you needed an excuse to re-read Discworld books!).

Luggage Wars
Last time around we beheld the fearsome spectacle of Luggage Wars, where stylishly-decorated remote-control Luggages, constructed by attendees throughout the weekend from whatever craft materials came to hand, took part in a series of challenges and battles designed to test their style, control, damage, and aggression. We are proud to announce that this highly entertaining event will be returning at this year’s IDWCon.

Sword Fighting Workshops
Once again, our Sword Fighting workshops will be taking place at IDWCon 2017. In these very popular sessions you can learn how to effectively use a sword (and indeed other weapons) for both attack and defence, under the watchful eye of our very own Commander Vimes. Please bear in mind that these often-oversubscribed workshops must be signed up for in advance at the Registration Desk.

The 'Town & Gown' Gaudy Gala Dinner
As usual, on the Sunday evening we will be hosting a fancy Gala Dinner (our only event that requires a separate ticket), where you can get your posh frock on and mingle with the great and the good of Discworld. Our theme this year is the 'Town & Gown' Gaudy Gala, where, in a nod to the inclusive nature of our weekend, the traditional UU Gaudy Night celebrations will also be open to the Guild members and other denizens of Ankh-Morpork (‘Town’), as well as our visiting colleagues from other universities and witch steadings ('Gown'). As per Tradition, we will still be expecting everyone attending to outdo their fellows in the splendour of their robes (the dress code being formal, semi-formal, or costume), though due to Health and Safety, we will omit the usual Tradition of throwing the gaudiest-dressed attendee into the Ankh. The Menu choices are as follows:

A pre-dinner drink, followed by:
Starters: Winter root vegetable soup; or Poached bacon ballotine wrapped in parma ham.
Main Courses: Roast supreme of chicken with mash potato & gravy jus; or Bandon braised beef brisket wrapped in parma ham with roast gravy; or Oven baked hake fillet with tomato dill sauce; or Chick pea & sweet potato tagine with basmati rice.
Desserts: Homemade apple crumble; or Lemon curd tuile with chantilly cream.
And then finished off with freshly brewed tea and coffee.

You can order your Gala Dinner ticket here - but don't delay, very few are now left!