6-9th October
at the Cork
International Hotel
( 46 days to go!)

Jack Cohen

Guest Lecturer Profile

Jack CohenName: Jack Cohen
Post(s): Chair of Inadvisable Experimentation, Senior Lecturer in Chelonautics
U.U. Qualifications: B.Mgc, M.Es.O., D.M.Phil, Doctorum Habeum Tonsorius Per Alberto Einsteinium
Previous U.U. Presentations: “Meddling With Things Men Were Not Meant to Understand: A Guide”, “Understanding Why Excreta Occurs”, “Xenobiology: 101 Things a Wizard Can Imagine”

Academic Profile:
What can we say about Dr. Jack Cohen that doesn't make it seem like he has lived the lives of three (very accomplished) people? His C.V. runs to an impressive seventeen pages that include his experience and qualifications obtained over fifty years of educating some of Britain’s finest - including one (so far) Nobel Prize winner. Without his work on IVF, thousands of people would not be here today. His publications began in Nature when he was only 24, and have continued in every prestigious scientific journal possible since then.

His first collaboration with respected mathematician Ian Stewart in 1991 on a paper entitled “Chaos, Contingency and Convergence” led to many more papers and eventually, in 1999, to The Science of Discworld and its three sequels, as well as two other Sci-Fi novels (Wheelers and Heaven), and sundry other articles and books on a variety of subjects.