6-9th October
at the Cork
International Hotel
On Now

Welcome to the IDWCon 2017 website! Our theme this year is the Unseen University Open Doors Weekend. Whether you're a visiting scholar, a curious local or even a Tourist, the U.U.’s doors will be open to all for this extra-special event.
Memberships have sold out. You can now find out more about Day Memberships, and our Event Programme is now available to read.
Please note that all members must adhere to our terms and conditions.

Hold on to your pointy hats - it's going to be Hexcellent!

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Rob Wilkins is unfortunately no longer able to attend. He received his filming schedule for Good Omens this morning, as executive producer he needs to be there to ensure Terry and Neil's vision is maintained. He sends his deepest regrets, and we hope to have an exclusive video from him to show at the convention. His featured interview on the Monday will