6-9th October
at the Cork
International Hotel
( 134 days to go!)

Welcome to the IDWCon 2017 website! Please see our About the Convention, F.A.Q., and Venue pages to find out more. We've sold out of Memberships, but we have a waiting list instead.
Our theme this year is the Unseen University Open Doors Weekend - we’ll be visiting the U.U. to marvel at introductory lectures, research the groundbreaking Roundworld project, and find out more about the staff and Faculty. Whether you're a visiting scholar, a curious local or even a Tourist, the U.U.’s doors will be open to all for this extra-special event.
Hold on to your pointy hats - it's going to be Hexcellent!

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The members of the Acting-Faculty are delighted to announce an addition to the list of visiting speakers at the upcoming Unseen University Open Weekend. He has had many academic titles, including assistant, business manager, and guardian of Sir Terry’s literary estate, though he generally answers to Rob Wilkins. At the first Irish Discworld Convention, Rob strolled into the gala dinner in full black tie, statue in hand, after collecting Sir Terry’s BAFTA and hopping on a plane to Ireland.