6-9th October
at the Cork
International Hotel
( 301 days to go!)

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Our theme this year is the Unseen University Open Doors Weekend - we’ll be visiting the U.U. to marvel at introductory lectures, research the groundbreaking Roundworld project, and find out more about the staff and Faculty. Whether you're a visiting scholar, a curious local or even a Tourist, the U.U.’s doors will be open to all for this extra-special event.
Hold on to your pointy hats - it's going to be Hexcellent!

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Our glorious Alma Pater will be holding a ticketed Open Doors Weekend on 6th-9th October next year at its Roundworld branch (the Cork International Hotel), it has been announced. The Patrician's Palace recently issued a statement that the University has been ordered encouraged to accept differently-talented students (even those without magic), as previously reported. To launch the new initiative, we will be hosting an official Open Doors event to promote openness and fraternity amongst academics, magical practitioners and the rest of the population.